Bumble & bumble

Rain is proud to be a Bumble & bumble network salon.

New York City-based Bumble & bumble is a hair product company and salon dedicated to raising the standards of its industry through inspiration, education and unique products. Since it was first created by the NY salon of the same name in 1977, Bumble and bumble hair care is now the first choice for professional hairdressers the world over. Whether used on magazine shoots and the international catwalks, or by you at home this range has a well-deserved reputation for providing the best hair styling products around.

Our stylists are either sent directly to NYC for training with Bumble or receive in-house Bumble training, which sets us apart from all other salons. We carry a full range of Bumble & bumble products.



La Biosthetique

A company focused on producing premium cosmetic products with natural and raw materials, La Bioisthetique Paris ensures that their range is not only of the highest quality, but is focused on giving your hair and skin the most luxurious and nourishing experience possible.

La Biosthetique ensure that they train all stylists to the highest possible level and are a recognised expert in the fields of hair, scalp and skin care. Stocking the hair colour and make up range, Rain has everything you need to enhance your most important accessories!